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Letting go

The beginning of my poem about letting go

Black sand beach on the Big Island

Was it Kehena Beach? Yes, we were nude,

Nude in the great waves, around women friends

Current pulling us all into the powerful surf

Pulling me in like a little lump, a leaf,

Helpless in the suck and throw. Foam

And me thrash on the rocks only to be

Dragged in again. Until one friend said

Let go, don’t fight the water, let yourself be

Taken and flow out. Let go. Let the love,

And I did.

I can’t tell you how, only the trust within.

I let go and with no purpose of my own

Crawled out onto the black lava shore.

White skin against sharp black sand

I didn’t drown. I am here today.

For I let go.

Fizzy slick feel of the water,

Roar and rush, power and pull,

Tips of foam against black shore

Curling, curling waves wrinkling my brow.

A wonderful wonder, a powerful power

Thick with the moon?

Tides, currents seagulls crying, creak of lines, smell of salt

Whining, then quiet, my boat takes the laps

Sonja Franeta

Unfinished and ongoing

Oct. 30, 2021


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