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The Big Cover Up

Cover Up

“We are all African!” said a blond-haired blue-eyed professor named Spencer Wells, a geneticist and anthropologist. He had been working on tracing DNA for National Geographic to document genetic diversity throughout the world. The film that was produced after doing much of the research is called Journey of Man and it is worth watching. With the research and knowledge over just the past ten years, history could be rewritten. As a friend of mine said today: “White people have managed to pull off the biggest snow job ever over the centuries.” Racism could be turned over on its head because of scientific discoveries about human origins and this should be publicized.

The most recent discovery out in the media that counters the white narrative can be quite shocking. The Vikings and the Celts and other peoples were not white as we have commonly imagined but dark-skinned because no white people existed before 8,000 years ago. Over these thousands of years, of course, human DNA has changed and evolved and therefore produced diverse appearances, including white skin. It makes one wonder: how did the white Europeans become the dominant group? That is a question to explore some other time.

Another piece in the “snow job” is the depiction of “cavemen” as white over the years. This is absolutely not a possibility. I listened to a very interesting lecture in Spain by an archaeologist who worked in a very old excavation site named “The Red Lady.” Over many years, bones that were more than 18,000 years old were found. It is hard to imagine what happened. However, the point the archaeologist was upset about is the universal depiction of these cave people as white. He was adamant. “This is absolutely wrong and very misleading.” All the art and all depictions at museums and in books are false. These people were brown.

Finally, migration to different parts of the world has always been part of the human picture. It is natural. The current and past restrictions have been unnatural and also part of the “snow job.” Migration is the way human beings have changed and adapted. Slavery is also part of the unnatural history. When people were forced to go somewhere for reasons of profit and use of human labor, this worked against humanity. However, it is all a part of who we are today.

While it is not new information that we are all African, race divisions as well as negative and discriminatory views of diverse peoples have not gone away. “We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike,” Maya Angelou wrote in her poem, “The Human Family.” We have been divided for the purposes of politics and profit. It is a very sad state that human beings are in now. The concept of race was invented in the 19th century to justify slavery and oppression of non-white people. Now it must be turned around. This history and these errors must be talked about and corrected.

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Maya Angelou

Definition of snow job: a big exaggerated cover up; “a strong effort to make someone believe something by saying things that are not true or sincere” (Merriam Webster Dictionary)

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